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DNC Chair: Obama Is America’s ‘Real President’ — Not Trump

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez introduced former President Barack Obama as America’s “real president” at a DNC fundraiser Thursday night.
“Let’s give it up for the real president of the United States,” Perez said at Thursday’s fundraiser, Politico reported.
Obama reportedly then told the crowd of Democratic donors that they are “right to be concerned” about Trump’s presidency.
Perez’s false descriptor for Obama is just the latest instance of prominent Democrats abandoning political norms in order to undermine President Trump.

Obama has sharply broken with precedent by repeatedly attacking Trump. When Obama left office, the existing standard was for presidents to refrain from publicly criticizing their successor.
Obama and his wife have slammed Trump more than a dozen times since leaving the White House.

Me Here....This is a good example of how the left is living in a completely fake news world.  Reality is just not allowed to shine a bright light to their lies.

Usurper Barry was technically never was President of the United States.  Barry still is barred by the Constitution from being President.  That is real news the left never wants us to know.  

So this is a weird normal for the left.  They blame the right for what the left either is doing or has done.  So in this case, is Tom Perez really telling us that Barry never was President.  Going by how the left works, it well could be!

It proves the left and the DNC is still lying.

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