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Draw A Line In The Sand An Open Letter To Governor Rick Perry

Draw A Line In The Sand An Open Letter To Governor Rick Perry

Dear Governor Perry

We all know Sir that you have your sights set on the White House in 2012
why anyone would have thier eyes set on that fithy corrupt city I have no idea.
But as long as I have your attention it is time you realized you will be wasting your
time and the time of the state of Texas while you willy away at this.

Sir your obligation to Texas should come first and foremost we are at war
It is time the people like you who represent us in Austin forget about
Washington City and start thinking about this state being run over by
the traitors in D.C. ( Damn Criminals) it is time we took our state and our
futures back and Secceed from the corrupt federal Government once and for

It is time to become an independent country and be a beacon to free men
every where that Texas will not go quietly in to the night. This is our country
right here in Texas we have the best of every thing and we do not need people
from Washington and New york City and Chicago dictating terms to us no sir no
way. You can either be part of the solution Sir or you can be part of the problem.

Texas was once a proud and independent nation and can be again and it is time
we do so Sir. Texas has the right to close it's borders and defend it's lands
Texas can stand on it's on and fight the damn traitors if they want a war let
them bring it on. Sir if you do not stand with us then you might as well be against us
and we can go shopping for a new leader for this state. That is no threat Governor
it is a promise.

We are fed up Governor we have had enough either be part of the soultion
or be part of the problem. There is a old saying Sir the United states needs
Texas. Texas does not need the United States.

Act now Governor or we will act for you.


David C. Hubbard

And the people of the great state of Texas.

Please feel free to copy this an email it to your friends and
the Governors office. And add your name to mine.

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