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Elizabeth Warren To Mollie Tibbetts’ Family: You Need To Focus On ‘Real Problems’ Like Immigrant Family Separations

Warren said she's 'sorry' Mollie Tibbetts is dead, but we must focus on the 'real problems' of lawbreaking parents at the border who are being temporarily separated from their kids.
August 22, 2018 By Bre Payton
Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Wednesday she’s “sorry” Mollie Tibbetts is dead, but urged her family and friends to remember to focus on the “real problems” at the border, where parents are being temporarily separated from their children.
An illegal immigrant has been charged with murdering Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student recently found dead in a cornfield. Republicans have called for a stronger immigration system that might have prevented this crime.

After offering her condolences to the Tibbetts family, who will never be reunited with their daughter again, Warren immediately pivoted to how said it is that moms at the border who have willfully broken the law are being temporarily separated from their babies.
“I’m so sorry for the family here and I know this is hard not only for her family but for the people in her community, the people throughout Iowa,” she said. “But one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where the real problems are.”

Me Here....The absolute cold heartedness of Senator Warner is beyond my comprehension!  She just added a huge insult to a family struggling to deal with the murder of their beautiful daughter.

Senator, the problem is people that are here illegally.  They are properly called ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!  These people have already broken our nation's laws just by being here.  The oath you took as Senator should be binding you to enforce these laws until they are changed.  Instead you violate your oath as Senator when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Senator, it is well known you can taste being President.  This statement leaves such a vile aftertaste in the mouths of so many Americans.  This should permanently end your dream.

Senator, your party claims to be the party of compassion.  Yet here you prove your extreme hate for our laws.  You have no compassion for the Tibbetts family.  All you have to offer is failed politics.  That is so cold of you.  You have proven you have no heart.  

You are a Grinch.  

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Comment by Chalice on August 23, 2018 at 6:50pm

Nasty Leftists, really.  

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