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The coverage tonight is most interesting.  The same Democrats that soundly condemned Comey after he didn't press for felony charges against Hillary for her illegal computer server that was unclassified and yet held most highly classified information. 

There is much Comey has screwed up lately as FBI Director.  He didn't investigate Hillary's pay for play Foundation.  He didn't investigate her sale to the Russians of 20% of our uranium.  He didn't investigate Hillary's out right lying about Benghazi.  He didn't investigate Bill Clinton for his high priced speeches in Russia.  (Is this the real Russian connection in the election?)  He didn't investigate the strange meeting between the AG Lynch and Bill Clinton in Phoenix just before his announcement of felonies, but no charges.  He didn't investigate the IRS for stopping TEA Party groups seeking C-4 authorization.  He didn't put Hillary under oath nor kept detailed minutes.  This is just the short list of his many failing.  This is far more than enough for justification for firing by ANY President.

It is highly probable that a President Hillary Clinton would have already fired Comey.  She has already blamed him for her well earned defeat.

Now a new FBI Director, and President Trump has already stated that he will name a replacement in a few days, will have a huge swamp to drain.  Will this person reopen as should be done the many investigations into Hillary?  That person to rebuild the FBI.  The Clintons are NOT above the law!

I held a Top Secret when I was in the Air Force.  If I had done what Hillary had done, I would most likely still be locked up at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  She should face what I would have faced.  We only have ONE standard. 

Now the Democrats, the very same ones that last year trashed him over Hillary, now look at him as a Saint.  They are demanding a special prosecutor over this.  They are back to the most discredited Trump/Russia connection saying that is the only possible reason President Trump fired Comey. 

The Democrats someday will have to face that Hillary lost because of Hillary.  Hillary is a crook.  Face it Democrats.  Hillary was a lousy candidate.  Face it Democrats.  Hillary felt she was completely entitled and with her known ballot box stuffing thought there was no chance she could loose.  Face it Democrats, SHE LOST!  She earned her lost.

There is so much for the new FBI Director to do to make things right.  Hillary should be looking for a great lawyer.  So should many others from Barry's Usurpership.  Both former Attorney Generals should also be lawyer shopping.  Hillary's shadow, Huma should also be hunting a good lawyer. 

This would be a great start.

Maybe in 2020 the reunion of Barry's Administration may well be held in a Federal Prison?  

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Comment by James A. Greenough on May 10, 2017 at 7:12pm

James  Comey is a disgrace to the FBI!  He should have been fired on January 20, 2017!  Hopefully he will be charged and convicted of all of his wrong doings!

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