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Here we go again!  Another shooting on a military base.

All state side military bases are "Gun Free Zones" except for law enforcement and a very few duty locations.  That means almost all are unable to defend themselves when someone starts shooting.  All the military members are is uniformed targets.

The weapons in the Army are stored in two parts under separate locks with ammunition in a separate location.  So Soldiers would have a very hard time to have weapons issued and draw ammunition in a timely manner when a shooting occurs.

I don't know how the Marines store their weapons.

I do know that most Airman and Sailors are not weapons qualified if they are not law enforcement or security. 

In the Air Force I qualified with the M-16 in Basic in 1971.  I never touched the M-16 again until the Spring of 1980 prior to going to West Germany that Summer.

There is a call to allow military members who have completed a concealed carry course to carry civilian weapons on base.  I think this is a good idea.  I also think it won't go anywhere with Barry in the White House.

I have heard that these types of shooting do not happen in combat zones where everyone is carrying weapons and ammunition.  When I was in Iraq, I was required to carry my M-16 and at least one 30 round magazine on Post.  The weapon was not to be loaded. The only exception was when in PTs doing PT. Trust me, it wouldn't take me long to lock and load.  I had to do it once on base.  That was Easter Sunday, 2004.

It is a bit strange at first to go to the BX and see every shopper armed.  I have no doubt that no one was going to rob the store!  Nor would a homicidal shooter lasted very long.

This is more proof that "Gun Free Zones" only invite homicidal shooters to have target practice on innocents.

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Comment by Chalice on April 19, 2014 at 8:04am

In America, citizens apparently agree as more and more are getting the various carry licenses.

Comment by Jo Gonzalez on April 5, 2014 at 11:11pm

In Isreal everyone is armed, would be a secure feeling to know, for example in a theater, or restaurant (I remember the horrendous shooting at Luby's in San Antonio) others have occurred in McDonald's, all kinds of places, very possibly these "Wing-Nuts" might think twice, if they figured anyone of the crowd, might blow their head off, for attempting to harm innocent people.

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