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Gohmert: ‘Amnesty’ and Obamacare are a plot for ‘firing every full time American’

Gohmert: ‘Amnesty’ and Obamacare are a plot for ‘firing every full time American’

NOTE: Gohmert is telling the truth and helping Americans to connect the dots.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) this week asserted that Senate Democrats were using the health care reform law and an immigration bill to encourage “firing every fulltime American employee and hiring the immigrants.”

During an Tuesday interview with conservative radio host Lars Larson, Gohmert was already gearing up for Sen. Ted Cruz’ marathon non-filibuster of a stopgap spending bill over the question of whether or not to fund Obamacare.

“People are already being told after the first of the year that you can’t get your pacemaker, you can’t have this, you can’t have that,” he explained. “People are waking up, this is not good.”

“It’s going to kill jobs out there, it’s going to hurt people,” Larson agreed. “The companies are already saying we can’t afford your health care so we’re either going to dump you on Obamacare or we’re going to cut your hours to where you don’t qualify anymore.”

“The Senate says their solution is the immigration bill they passed,” Gohmert replied. “Because under their immigration bill, companies would have a hard time not doing what the Senate bill encourages — and that is firing every fulltime American employee and hiring the immigrants who have just been given legal status.”

“Because if you fire the Americans and hire the people that came in illegally, they get legal status under the Senate bill, then you don’t have to provide them Obamacare insurance or pay the fines,” he added. “So, maybe if the Senate got everything they wanted, both Obamacare and their amnesty bill, you’d have most Americans that work for big companies losing their jobs all over America.”

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