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Health Care Solutions WITHOUT Gov TAKE OVER....please read

I've been doing a LOT of thinking about this ObamaCare fiasco and it just makes NO sense to me AT ALL.

We have the GREATEST Health Care of ANY country on the PLANET! But it's not without some issues which have NOTHING to do with the "quality of care" we receive here in America. Let's analyse what "some" of the problems are:

1. High premiums....needs to be more in line with what people really can afford to pay
2. Small Bus can't offer coverage due to not enough capital and/or employees
4. Frivolous Lawsuits that force Doctors to pay more...they pass that cost on to us, the consumers
5. Rules having to do with competition...going outside your state for coverage on a cheaper plan

Now that's just a few of the problems with FREE MARKET based Health Insurance. Now let's look at the issues that exist with the already existing Governement Run Insurance beauracracies.
1. It's not free. I have a "personal" example of how it's not "free". When I was a single parent, my son was diagnosed with asthma. I worked full time, at about $1/hr over min wage, received no government assistance, not even AFDC. When my son would have a severe attack, one that warranted a trip to the Emergency Room.....I applied for Medicaid to pay for the bill. I made too much money and would have had to pay a HUGE deductible. I ended up paying for it out of my pocket over time. I really don't even know if I ever really paid it all off or they just wrote off any remaining balance. I just know I did the best I could.
2. We all know that Medicaid, Medicare, AND Social Security are all wrought with HUGE FRAUD. I again, know from personal work experience, how companies can "get over" on those agencies, no problem. It's so easy to do it's scarey and we continue to allow these programs to exist and be run by the Government. It's amazing to me.
3. Gov beauracrats are ALREADY making decisions about your health care if you are using Medicaid or Medicare. Again, from personal experience, my brother was DENIED a Liver Transplant due to a "former" history of drinking. He had been alcohol free for over 10 years but they decided they didn't want to WASTE a Liver on someone who "might" destroy it. He's dead now.
4. The great paperwork shuffle. It took almost 2 years for my brother to be APPROVED for Disablitity and get Medicaid or whatever it was he got. In the meantime, he lost everything he had that had ANY financial worth. His life went down the tubes fast over all the frustration of paperwork and phone calls and more paperwork and lost paperwork and oh we forgot you need to do this too. It was a nightmare.

I don't know about you......but.......I'll take MY chances with FREE MARKET based Health Care!!!

On that can we change it so 1-5 are fixed from above?

1, High Premiums........encourage competition! Give incentives to Ins Companies for bringing DOWN their costs.
2. Small Bus.......encourage Ins Cos to allow Small Bus to form GROUPS so they can insure their workers
3. Frivolous Lawsuits........make the IDIOTS pay when they LOOSE....IF it can be proven it was "frivolous" to start with. That will DISCOURAGE IDIOTS from SUING! Don't penalize the Doctors when someone is making stuff up just for a huge pay off at the end. That's ABSURD!
4. Allow ME to look for insurance I can afford OUTSIDE of my workplace in ANY state that offers me a GOOD DEAL. You know.....I can remember when Health Ins was NOT offered by your employer! I'm telling my age now LOL.

In conclusion..........
The problems with Health Care are not unsolvable right now. We can come up with solutions but it will take listening to ALL our options..........not just the GOVERNMENT option. I say the Government option is a NON-Starter for me personally. I've seen the havoc it can wreak in a person's life and it's not a pretty sight. Can you imagine MILLIONS of Americans having the problems my brother had? Can you imagine MILLIONS of single parents experiencing the same frustrations I did with a sickly child? That just scares the heck out of me and makes me VERY angry that our so-called "leaders" would even put forth such a plan! They have obviously NEVER HAD TO USE THE DARN PLANS THAT ALREADY EXIST!

The Leftist Dems put forth a LEFTIST Health Care Agenda and our "leaders" are actually putting forth AMENDMENTS TO IT! TRASH THAT STINKING BILL AND START OVER!

If you have other suggestions please reply to this post. Maybe we can get a dialogue going. I fear what will happen in America IF this bill is passed in ANY form.


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Comment by Barb_NC on July 26, 2009 at 10:50am
Why would they want Romney? Because it's HIS PLAN! He won't try to shut it down IF the Dems loose 2012.

WAKE UP folks! It's ALL a set up!
Comment by Barb_NC on July 26, 2009 at 10:48am
I just heard on Fox News that this is the MITT ROMNEY Health Care plan instituted in Mass WHICH IS FAILING MISERABLY! You have GOT to be kidding me! And yet you will hear from the "pundits" that Romney is in the LEAD for 2012 right now?

So they are ALREADY trying to SHOVE the candidate THEY want down our collective throats AGAIN! Don't forget that we did NOT want John McCain and were all shocked when he was the GOP pick. When I voted...I voted for PALIN..........NOT McCain! If we let them.......they will do it again and we can NOT let them do that again in 2012!

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