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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Informational mp3s for your review not endorsed, you watch and decide

Don't fail to take part in this timely review of Islam.

Handing over to an illegal alien the office of President of the United States without setting the record straight compounds the U.S. Senate's negligence. <- 4 minutes 30 seconds <- 6 minutes 11 seconds <- 2 minutes 52 seconds <- 32 seconds <- 1 minute 29 seconds <- 4 minutes 9 second

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You are hereby granted permission from to air the promotional audios, provided that you do not edit them in any way and the tag-line at the end may not be cut or changed:

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Reviewing Islam's text - every bit of which is easily verifiable, is what true Muslim's fear most keeping the evidence off the air. Just as the cartoons were used to launch worldwide legislation against free speech and truth, we can not be ignorant, or cower out of fear.'s_First_Radio_Interview.mp3 <-1 hr 59 min 22 sec

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