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It is sad that these kids were cheated out of their Championship by adults that violated Little League rules.  It was the adults and not the children that violated the rules.  I only wish the action would only punish the adults.  It seems that is not possible. 

 I do applaud the Little League for investigating and when they found actions that violated Little League rules taking action. 

It is also sad that the Little League had a much higher standard than the US Government.  We have a person, Barry Soetoro, that is in the White House when he is Constitutionally barred from ever being President.  If we had the same standard as Little League, Barry would be evicted from the White House.

The US Supreme Court in 1875 in the Minor Case defined Natural born Citizen as requiring that BOTH parents must be US Citizens at the time of birth.  There is no doubt that Barry's Father was never a US Citizen.  He was always a British Subject.  This and not where he was born is the real issue.  Those who bring up the where to try to defend Barry are the real "birthers".

I only hope that someday our Government will live up to the same standard as the Little League.  But so long as the Democrat Party refuses to change, this will not happen.  So it is up to the voters to remove Democrats from every level of Government until the party gets the message.  This goes for RINOs too!

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Comment by Chalice on February 15, 2015 at 12:34pm

They should have punished the adults and not the kids. Far better to remove the offending adults from further involvement - and let the award stand. Such a move surely is backed by serious evidence of who made the decisions and who had access to that decision making process.  These are the offenders.

To punish the kids... it is just wrong and it injuries them in ways that are totally unnecessary.  I am really mad that they took away their title.  Wrong decision at the wrong time.  There is 94% unemployment of young blacks in this part of Chicago.  

As I said, totally unnecessary!

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