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Learn about Andy Martin, re Obama Hi lawsuit, and Support his Mission

On Sunday, June 28, Chalice's first scheduled guest was Andy Martin. For information on Andy and his case, there are several websites. Please support Andy in his mission. Be sure to go listen to the recording here, if you were not able to be there for the live broadcast.

Note: He makes nothing off his book. All profits go back into fighting Obama. It can be bought at: or

For a complete of the many things Andy has done in his search for the truth check

Go to the following link and scroll to the second article to read a very good brief response to the courts, which he is currently having to address again due to the court system.

Other columns are posted at

The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama raises money to oppose President Barack Obama's radical agenda and also to support


Hawai'i lawsuit was mentioned in a news story:

Andy is also working on a movie about Obama and a second book.

Tonight Andy has set up an additional website as shown below.

Andy Martin is also running for Senate for the seat that Obama himself vacated...true justice.

Martin says Congressman Mark Kirk has become an acolyte of the Obama administration. Andy says efforts by "Chicago media elitists" and corrupt "Combine Republicans" to nominate Kirk for U. S. Senator are a farce.

A new web site, collects evidence of Kirk's anti-Republican record.

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