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Letter to Senators Stabenow and Peters (MI) on Hillary Clinton and her E-mail Disaster

On July 27th of this year, I sent the following letter to both of my US Senators via their E-Mail System:

My question to you is simple, why should after mishandling so much classified information including very high Top Secret, Secretary Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be permanently banned from handling any classified information?  This should include Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, FOUO.

I was vetted in 1973 when I was in the Air Force for Top Secret on a Background Investigation (BI).  In 1983 this was increased as I was reinvestigated for an Expanded Background Investigation (EBI).  My final access level was TS EBI SIOP-E Cat 08.  If you doubt this in anyway, I am sure the Air Force still has this on file somewhere.  During my time in the Air Force and later the MI Army National Guard, I handled properly a great deal of highly classified material.  I didn’t screw up.

If I had screwed up the way Secretary Clinton did, the first thing that would have happen was my access would have been cancelled pending an investigation.  After the investigation, I am sure I would have faced a General Court Martial.  I would have been found guilty and sentenced to a very long stay at Fort Leavenworth.   

The findings from FBI Director Comey are much more than enough evidence to permanently revoke her access and clearance.  So will you do what is right and permanently revoke Secretary Clinton’s access to any and all classified material?


SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

MI Army National Guard

Me Here......I have yet to receive any response from them.  I haven't received a letter.  I haven't received an e-mail.  I haven't received a phone call.  NOTHING!

I wonder why?  Maybe I shouldn't.  There is no reason why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should ever see anything classified again.  What she has seen should be regarded as compromised due to her past history.

If Hillary loses, and she should, President Trump will have the option to prosecute Hillary to the full extent of the law.  He should do this.  It is needed to show when it comes to handling classified material in any form, no one is above the law.

I can just about bet the farm (I do live on one) that Hillary will quickly claim she is too ill to jail.

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Comment by Chalice on September 27, 2016 at 8:57am

It is so shocking what Hillary as gotten away with.  Feeling proud to be American includes feeling like the government is worthy -Under Obama, the corruption is so pervasive. 

Did you REALLY expect to get a response?

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