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We lost not only an Ambassador, but three former Navy Seals.  There seems to be a huge unanswered question.  Why aren't there a large number of dead Lybians?


Navy Seals are trained to be able to kill both with weapons and their hands and feet. 


Were the former Seals unarmed?  If the were armed, were they allowed to use their weapons?  If unarmed, were they ordered not to resist?


If they were armed and/or allowed to resist, there should be a lot of dead Lybians.  Seals are excellent at defending themselves.  So where are the bodies?


If our Government ordered the Seals not to defend themselves, then the person that gave the order should be facing at least manslaughter charges in the deaths of all four.


If not resisting is the general policy of this Government, then we have a much bigger issue to change.  Once it is known that not resisting is policy, all of our facilities are nothing more than targets.  The people inside are all future victims.


This must be changed and changed now.


Any Embassy or Base where the US Flag flies must be looked at by friend and foe as US Territory.  Any action against those places will be reguarded as a direct attack on the US.  Those that attack must know that responce will be swift and harsh.


Those guarding these places must be fully allowed to defend both themselves and the grounds with all force needed including deadly force.  They shall have any and all weapons those guards whether civilian or Marines feel they need. 


It is largely up to the host nation to assist in defending the Embassy from the outside.  But we must be clear, once inside, we will deal with these people with any and all force needed to defend the Embassy.


SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

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