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Man Who Defeated Hitler in SJW Crosshairs as “Racist”

He was the man who promised Hitler that Britain “shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills: We shall never surrender.”
He was the man who helped the United Kingdom and the world through its darkest hour and helped defeat the most evil regime the world has known.
And, according to a group of protesters at a Winston Churchill-themed cafe in London, the man was an irredeemable racist who needs to be purged from the record of history.

According to the U.K. Metro, the cafe, called Blighty, was “stormed” by anti-colonialist protesters who shouted “Churchill was a racist” before the police had to be called.
The group who stormed the cafe were apparently led by Halimo Hussein, a politics student and co-president of Equality and Liberation at the School of African Studies at the University of London.

During her campaign for a student union office at the University of London, Hussein said “I want to bring decolonial politics to the forefront in our fight for institutional change.”
And apparently, part of that involves standing in a Churchill-themed cafe in Finsbury Park, London, with 13 other people yelling slogans like “It is our duty to fight for our freedom,” “It is our duty to win,” and “We have nothing to lose but our chains,” as well as telling the cafe customers they were inconveniencing to boycott until “they take the concerns of the community seriously.”

Other fun slogans: “We cannot accept the unashamed colonial and gentrifying presence of this cafe” and “You will never make colonialism palatable.”
I personally wish someone would have told them that they were looking for the Orwell-themed cafe, but alas, it was no joke to owner Chris Evans.

“I have already invited these people in for coffee to discuss their concerns,” Evans, 47, said.
“Instead, they have come in and shouted at my customers. My staff have been left frightened and so I am reporting the incident to the police today.”

Evans also noted that if the character of Churchill is under attack, then anybody can be under attack for ideas that either become outmoded or draw the ire of the left.
“I would much rather they came to debate in a civilized manner what it means to be British in modern Britain,” Evans said. “As far as I am concerned, if you cannot celebrate Britain and great Britons you are just erasing history. And if you cannot celebrate Churchill, you cannot celebrate anyone.”

As for the fact that he fought the Nazis, that argument had no truck with the protesters. When a customer pointed out that “Churchill fought for our freedom” as the protesters left, the SJWs chanted back, “Churchill was a racist!”
The best part is that Ms. Hussein, the young woman behind this protest, is apparently a “staunch” supporter of the Labour Party and its far-left leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Ironically, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, Mr. Corbyn is a customer of the cafe, with Mr. Evans saying he “pops in for coffee” every now and then.

As for the School of African Studies Student Union at the University of London, where Ms. Hussein studies, you probably guessed it: They called coverage of the protest and Ms. Hussein “racist.”
“The cafe exercises a concerted historical amnesia of British colonialism, which is offensive to those who continue to experience institutional racism,” a statement from the Student Union read.
“The protest was targeted at the owner — calling for them to change the decorations and imagery of the cafes — and to the customer — to boycott until the owner takes these actions.
“The SOAS Students’ Union condemns the articles released by the Evening Standard, Daily Mail and the Sun, particularly the invasion of Halimo’s privacy, the racist nature of the attacks and the inaccurate coverage of the protest.”

The best part has to be the bit about “the invasion of Halimo’s privacy,” considering she was a part of a very public protest against the cafe, but the rest of it is every bit as deluded as this protest was. I guess that makes me racist for reporting on it, too. I suppose. While I would normally be upset at being labeled as such by a group of reactionaries, in this case, it puts me in the same company as Winston Churchill. I guess that’s not bad company to be in.

Me Here....This Hussein character is so ignorant of history.

I have read much on Sir Churchill.  He was a person of many faults.  Racism and colonialism were not his faults.  You can blame him in part for the failed Gallipoli invasion during WWI.  You can blame him for bad choices during the time he headed the Royal Navy early in his career.  Yes he was a heavy drinker and cigar smoker and some other odd habits.  

But when it came crunch time early in WWII, he was the glue that held England together in their darkest hour.  He organized the sea lift retreat from Dunkirk.  He held firm during the Battle of Britain.  Those two acts saved Britain from being invaded by NAZI Germany.  It gave the Allies an unsinkable base to stage forces that made D-Day and the liberation of Western Europe from the NAZIs possible. 

Even after Dunkirk, few gave England a chance at being able to prevent being invaded and conquered by the NAZIs.  The RAF Hurricane and Spitfire pilots held control of the air despite the odds.  His famous quote after the battle summed it up.  "Never before in the course of history has so many owed so much to so few."

This Hussein character should study WWII history more.  It was Churchill who sent British forces to North Africa to fight against the NAZIs that had taken over Italian colonies.  The many stories about the battles between these forces fill so many books.  The legend of the Desert Fox, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, Sir Bernard Montgomery, and our General George Patton were written in the sands of North Africa.

If Sir Churchill had not defied the odds back then, this Hussein character today probably wouldn't have the freedom to say such stupid things.  History sure would be different!

This Hussein character's ignorance of history dooms this person to repeat the critical mistakes of the past.

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Comment by Chalice on February 2, 2018 at 1:02am

The Left is re-writing history to fit their political agenda.  It really has gotten to a level of hysteria...

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