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Mexico Is Rich, So Why Is The U.S. A Blank Check?, an op/ed by Eddie V. Garcia

Not to isolate Mexico in the debate of illegal immigration, but Mexico does contribute the largest percentage of illegal immigration in the US. Why should we as Americans tolerate this influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico when their economy is estimated to be between the 11th and 13th largest in the world? The total value of the Mexican Stock Exchange is estimated to be over US $600 billion.

So is it the problem of the United States to accept illegal entry of Mexicans because they seek better jobs, better health care and better education?

My initial impression is that the Mexican government and its leaders are remiss in making sure their own government can provide its citizens the necessary tools for them to remain in their country and succeed. For the rest of the article click HERE.

The Cypress Times; Christian. Conservative. Online. Daily News.

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