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My Christmas Wish


Years ago I remember sitting on Santa’s lap

Telling him what I wanted as I looked at his cap.

A bike, a truck, an HO gauge electric train

And ending my list with a model fighter plane.

A few I got and others, it was wait for next year.

Now my list is simple and would give many good cheer.


For Christmas I want all of the B-52’s made in detail

By Monogram I one seventy-second scale.

Titan II’s Trident, Sparrow, and Minuteman III’s

To forever be built with care by Estes.

The Armies that fight and brave Winter’s chill

Should only be on paper by Avalon Hill.


I want the Navies to sail and fight for the seas

In soapy water and anchored at a kid’s knee.

My Christmas wish is for something simple

As popular as a girl’s dimple.

It would make sense, and easy to be enjoyed

To make all the world’s military----------------UNEMPLOYED!


Me Here.....I wrote this just before Christmas 1980.  I was deployed to Ramstein AB West Germany.

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas when we got orders to deploy part of the 601 Tactical Control Squadron based at Pruem Air Station West Germany.  So much for Christmas at home station!

Our mission was to set up behind United States Air Force Europe (USAFE) Headquarters.  We put a TV camera on one of the radar scopes.  That way those in the USAFE Battle Staff room could see the air picture from the AWACS airborne radar planes.  This way we could see what was going on beyond the Iron Curtain.

We continued doing this until early February.I remember being a bit worried about this mission.  Our equipment is deployable aboard the big Air Force cargo airplanes.  We were not trained for this, but that never means you won't be told to do it.  The only action at that time was the Polish uprising going on at that time.  Would the brass be sending us there?  NO!  But Ramstein AB is where the big cargo birds are based.  So there was concern until we learned exactly what our mission was.

This was an interesting real world mission for me.  It was the only one I did with the squadron.  The other I did was when I was sent to Dhahran Saudi Arabia in 1982.  There we handed off AWACS data to the Saudis during the Iran Iraq War.  This was to help the Saudis with their air defense as both sides had threatened to attack Saudi.

Little did I realize then that 21 years later I would be in the Michigan Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq!  But that is another story for another time!

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