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The following is an excerpt from an article in today's The Cypress Times.

“The Afghan population and tribal leaders must have confidence in the staying power of the United States. Abandoning our commitment only serves to embolden the Taliban and al Qaeda and undermine the overall mission.”-Congressman Michael McCaul, Texas 10th.


President Obama’s vacillation, and delay in making any decision has left our overseas ally’s in confusion as to the genuine commitment of the United States to winning the war against terror. British Defense Secretary, Bob Ainsworth has publicly blamed Obama for declining British public support of the war in Afghanistan.

According to the Telegraph, “Mr. Ainsworth took the unprecedented step of publicly criticizing the U.S. President and his delays in sending more troops to bolster the mission against the Taliban. A 'period of hiatus' in Washington — and a lack of clear direction — had made it harder for ministers to persuade the British public to go on backing the Afghan mission in the face of a rising death toll, he said. Senior British Government sources have become increasingly frustrated with Mr. Obama’s ‘dithering’ on Afghanistan.”

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