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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Okay so here is the deal...

I've been a part of tea party organizations since before April 15 2009 and I don't like what I see. I realize that many of you will either love what I have to say or 'ban' me for saying it... as that seems to be the way it works on these subjects of difficulty I'm used to it by now.

Going to local tea party organizations here I have seen a huge influence from the republican party. Demands made - that people become district leaders in the republican push for the jobs that will be vacated by the out going liberal morons and rhinos in 2010. But my problem with that is they are just as crooked as the guys in office now! Okay maybe not all of them but if they take money from the Republicans then they are dealing with tainted money just like the democrats get.

Big Pharma is a huge contributor, the lawyer lobbyists, the Big Business leaders like GE, WELLS FARGO and so on still give money to both parties .... it's their way to hedge their bet! Do you really think it's going to be different NOW because Glenn Beck is yelling about the crooks in office? NO!

Wake up Americans! What is happening is the players of the Illuminati are still in the game -- sure they may have changed the puppet players but they still own you and 90% of all the wealth in all the world. What we fondly call THE NEW WORLD ORDER is still very much in play and they are using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to play with!

Bank closing are happening quietly around the nation and hundreds more are about to close too - then there is the international demand for a 'world wide currency" the reported banking holiday still to come and when the banks reopen our nation will be even more broken.

My point is this, NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE OUR NATION BACK, but not with either party of evil members, NOPE! Now is the time to start fresh, a Constitutional Liberty party that will go back and repeal all the horrible laws like the Patriot Act. BTW it was brought to us by the Republicans and do you realize it's up for renewal this year and the democrats will gladly re-sign that baby because they are in charge so they are all for screwing you over, as you are just a stupid citizen to them.

We need to fight this tyranny by putting in Godly men and women who will adhere not to the latest public poll or demands from the rotten parties blue and red, but instead we need people who will adhere to the foundations of this nation..... THE WORD OF GOD IN THE BIBLE.

You do realize that it is the liberals who hate the bible and because of that we now have them pushing the gay agenda yet again to repeal the Marriage act which says that marriage is between one man and one women. They are pushing for even more socialization of our health care, businesses and on going mergers with crooks from INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND and the evil bastards at the illegal Federal Reserve!

all of this while obama is off illegally becoming a security chair for the evil UN and hiding his birth records, adoption records, baptism records, college records and anything he did in Chicago since he was a 'community organizer'

The only way to solve this is to remove all the vipers from office but not put a viper of a different 'color' but to shoot down the vultures as they fly about. {oh and stupid NGA/NSA/Secret service, that is NOT an endorsement to kill the president - because the NWO will take him out when they are good and ready then as true to their form they will blame the right for it - all to start the civil war and race wars that are coming to a town near you}

So what can we do you ask?



And then look into a third party candidate, there are many good ones which I will not endorse on here but know of many who would surely be better then pelosi and the demoCRAPS!


GLOBAL WARMING - wrong name it's really Global Change and it's happening to all the planets in our solar system but the liars at NASA will not share that data with you - they consider you a common moronic citizen! More storms, quakes and floods will happen until after 2013

H1N1 - they claim it will kill millions - but it is not as bad as they are pushing, and has only killed a couple thousand people all of whom had previously diagnosed illnesses or weaknesses! This has been proven more then once this is a man made virus and as viruses go it doesn't make any sense for a 'natural virus' to gain in strength, in fact as they mutate they get weaker not stronger, but unless you are in the health industry as a researcher they are betting you don't know that!

H1N1 vaccine - this is poison and has been proven in other nations that this is indeed the worst idea these morons could have come up with! Not even nurses and doctors will take this crap! DO NOT TRUST WHO, CDC, FDA or any other 3 letter agency for that matter! ha!

Obama is a legal citizen - BULL CRAP AS BIG as the state of TEXAS ON THIS ONE! All I have to say is show us the college scholarship money you got for being a foreign exchange student from indonesia and show us your passport then we will show you the door you liar!

Martial law is legal - NO this is totally against the US CONSTITUTION. They can temporarily keep you in one location if their is a danger of travel - like after a quake or huge storm, but THEY CAN NOT KEEP YOU CONFINED IN CAMPS, that is totally jacked and illegal.

Illegal people need amnesty - OH HELL NO! We tried this already, those of us old enough to remember Ronnie Reagan's 1980's amnesty bill -- which I feel just fueled the low class cast system for 30+ years -- totally failed because of our tolerance of illegals and all the ills that come with them. Our citizens should be able to do the jobs of even the low paying positions because WE ARE BROKE AND NEED THOSE JOBS TO SURVIVE OURSELVES. Hispanic nations need to take care of their own citizens.

We must be good neighbors and help Mexico - OH HELL NO! Mexico will file for bankruptcy because their government is even more crooked then ours, run by drug cartel money and yet they still ask for more aid money from us - the tax payers of the USA. I say, don't give it to them. That's right, I say shoot to kill when they are smuggling humans for sex or low paying jobs or even kidnapping other Hispanics for more money --- start a line of fire as they get over the border. That would send a very important message that we will not take this robbing of America anymore!!! Yeah you say that sounds radical or even mean but these people are not here for a job, they are mostly here to take advantage of US! SEND them back over the border when they are found here and BUILD THE FREAKEN FENCE - both physically and electronically. We are in surviver mode and we can not take care of the world's problems and it's stupid to think we can.

Israel can take care of it self and we should just give over all their land to muslims - WRONG, this is a nation who we have to support because of the promise that has been made to the people of Israel. However I would add that Godly people need to be in the circle of power and get rid of the mossad and the secret service and black ops programs or we pull our funding. No more money for any nation who doesn't take our advice on government issues.

The UN IS HERE TO HELP -= BULL CRAP! They are the intricate parts to the plan of the NWO - so if you support their nutty ideas you might as well dig a hole and buy a coffin.


That's just my opinion but it just happens to be correct. Take it or leave it... but I am still an American Citizen and I am entitled to my 1st Amendment rights of free speech, free press and religious exercise.

God bless the USA!

be blessed

Sharon LYNN

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