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Outrage over Outhouse Labeled 'Obama's Presidential Library'

TUCUMCARI, N.M. - Most Presidential libraries are constructed after the President completes his term. However, according to KOAT-ABC, a New Mexico man has determined the location for President Obama's library and has marked it with a sign that is sparking controversy in one small town. 

The sign rests on top of an outhouse. It reads: Obama's Presidential Library

Some in town view the sign as bad taste while others are supportive. One man told a local reporter that folks are treating it as a tourist destination and that it is frequently photographed. 

The man responsible for the sign would not reveal his name nor would he give any information as to his motivation but did say the following: "It's like watching TV. If you don't like what the hell you're watching, turn the channel.  I'm not even certain he even deserves that level of respect, but that's my opinion." 

He added "...and fortunately, that's one thing they haven't taken away from us ... is our right to our opinion," 



Me Here:  I agree, our Usurper hasn't even earned this level of respect.  Now if the Usurper has his desk right under the hole...........I'll bet the line will be long to use it!

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