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Pleiadian Republican No Different Than Other Ranking Thought Leaders

The Internet is having a good laugh at the Miami Herald’s endorsement of a candidate running in a Republican primary claiming she was abducted by extraterrestrials.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera believes that since she was a small child she has been visited numerous times by Pleiadians sharing with her a message that God is not so much a person as a universal energy.

Before carting her off for psychiatric evaluation, how is what she is professing appreciably different than what is constantly espoused by the media-political establishment?

On Friday’s, the History Channel broadcasts nothing but programming insisting that world religions and ancient cultures were founded by beings from that very portion of the celestial sphere and now that programming block has been replicated to repeat Sunday evenings on A&E.

George Lucas became a household name and made a boatload of money in the process producing blockbusters for the purposes of emphasizing this very same worldview about the nature of God.

Sophisticates will reply that such ideas are acceptable in the world of entertainment.

However, when it comes to actual political power, it should only be handed to those whose minds are down to earth and not so much lost in the stars.

Then perhaps these advocates of sanity will be as forceful in their opposition to federal money going to sponsor conferences in posh resorts where academics discuss the ramifications of extraterrestrial intelligence not so much as topic of dispassionate scientific curiosity but rather to propagandize how traditional theism is the philosophy that must be eradicated if the human species is to ever advance beyond our terrestrial limitations.

Mainstream journalism cannot have it both ways.

It cannot treat Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera as a pariah yet not compel Mitt Romney to come clean about the astrotheological presuppositions of his own Mormon faith positing that God was once a man from the planet Kolob and that you too can one day become the deity of your own little corner of the cosmos.

By Frederick Meekins

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Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on August 22, 2018 at 10:59pm

In a universe that is large beyond our power to comprehend, I find it a bit puzzling that God only put life on this small planet.  We are learning about ever more planets orbiting nearby stars.  A few are in the "Goldilocks" zone.  That is not being too hot or too cold for liquid water to exist.  Scientists are wondering if life could be found under the ice of a Saturn moon.

I think we are not alone in the universe.  I think God has put life in other planets.  His wisdom was to create a universal speed limit out there, the speed of light.  That would make communication with distant worlds and travel between extremely difficult.

I am a "Trekie".  It would be a most interesting future if that was our future.  I really doubt we will find a way to exceed God's speed limit.  So I doubt that a future Captain Kirk will be telling Sulu to go to Warp 6.  

God has given us the tools to reach out ever further to learn about the universe he created.  What we have learned is amazing.  It defies the laws of chance.  When you rule out chance, only creation by God can remain.

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