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The following is an excerpt from today's The Cypress Times.

No one has seen the ad yet it is already labeled as “hate”.

Focus on the Family has received approval from CBS to air an ad during this year’s Super Bowl which delivers a pro-life message. The ad features one famous face and his mother.

The back story is this: Pam Tebow and her husband were working as Christian missionaries in the Philippines in 1987. Pam became pregnant. Doctors at that time advised Pam to abort her child due to health reasons. She did not. She had a son, Heisman Trophy winning former Florida Gators football quarterback, Tim Tebow. This is the story that apparently Pam and Tim Tebow relate in the pro-life ad slated to run during the Super Bowl.

I say “apparently” because despite abortion group accusations that the ad is “un-American” and has a message of “hate”, no one has seen the ad yet.

Erin Matson, VP of N.O.W., says she objects to the airing of the ad because CBS (the television network carrying the Super Bowl) has a longstanding policy against airing controversial ads during the big game.

Ms. Matson says, “The abortion debate has no place in the Super Bowl. I organize abortion rights rallies all the time and I recognize how inappropriate it would be for me to sit in the stands with signs at the Super Bowl.”

I agree with Ms. Matson. That would be inappropriate. It would also be inappropriate for pro-life groups to sit in the stands with signs at the Super Bowl. However, the topic at hand is an ad on television, not someone holding a sign in the stands.

N.O.W. and other pro-abortion groups have written to CBS and urged the network to reject the ad. CBS executives have seen the script for the ad and are standing by their decision to air it.

“Our standards and practices process continues to adhere to a policy that ensures all ads on all sides of an issue are appropriate for air,” a CBS statement read.

The ad featuring the Tebow’s is produced and paid for (at prices averaging around $1.2 million per :30 second ad) by Focus on The Family.

Pro-Abortion group ChoiceUSA spokesperson Kierra Johnson called Focus on the Family an “Anti-American” and “Anti-Woman” group. She said the Focus on the Family ad featuring Tim Tebow and his Mom had an “un-American” message of “hate” that has no place in the Super Bowl. Again, Ms. Johnson has not seen so much as one second of the ad....

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