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QUESTION: Should States Be Allowed To Remove The Dead, Felons and Illegals From Their Voting List?

We have the dead, felons, and illegals showing up to vote now days. It’s obvious some housekeeping needs to be done.

That’s why the Supreme Court “agreed to hear a case involving whether Ohio’s rules for cleaning up its voter rolls are too draconian.” (The Washington Times)

Right now, Ohio nudges infrequent voters, sending out notices if they don’t vote during a two-year period.

If they don’t vote over the next four years and don’t acknowledge the notices they received, their name can be removed from the list of registered voters under state law.

An appeals court ruled Ohio’s process is too strict. The court also ruled the notification Ohio sends out to those it wants to remove from its books isn’t compliant with federal law.

In asking the Supreme Court to take the case, Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine said states are caught between some voter integrity groups who are suing to demand better cleanup of voter rolls, and voting-rights groups that say cleaning up is erasing valid people from the rolls.

“In short, suits brought against States (including a suit by the United States) have required what the Sixth Circuit (and the United States) said below was prohibited. The Court should not leave the States with this diametrically conflicting guidance,” Mr. DeWine said in his petition asking the justices to hear the case.

Now, we hope the court sides with Ohio. There is nothing wrong with a little housekeeping now and again. If you want to keep your right to vote, you better speak up!

Voting is a privilege, not a right. That’s why we don’t allow felons to vote; they lost that privilege. It’s really not rocket science.

Ruling in favor of Ohio would cut down on the potential fraud linked to a name of a non-voter.

If you want your privilege back, you can certainly register to vote again. But if you don’t and your name is removed, that reduces the risk of someone trying to use your name to give their candidate a boost.

Me Here.....What the heck is wrong with only having those that should vote be able to?  Isn't not letting States clean up voter rolls of those not allowed to vote setting the stage for voting fraud?  Isn't it the government suckering people to break the law?

The voter rolls all over the nation must be cleaned up.  This should be well along by the 2018 elections.  This should be done by 2020.  There is no excuse for not doing this. 

Those that appose this can only be for massive voter fraud to benefit themselves.

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