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Radio Host Advocates Murder Of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

Radio Host Advocates Murder Of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

In the characteristically compassionate, accepting tone of a modern leftist broadcaster, radio host Mike Malloy recently fantasized about the stabbing death of U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

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Comment by Chalice on September 30, 2013 at 7:30am

If any broadcaster - who is not a Leftist, made this type of comment they would be off the air.  The incivility comes from the Left claiming they are victims, while committing the worst offenses!

The leaders of the Democrat Party need to stop calling Conservative names.  However, I suspect the shrill will get louder in the next few days.

Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on September 30, 2013 at 12:15am

If this bozo is moderate, I don't want to know what extreme is!

Now if Rush, Hannity, or Levin were to say such about any Democrat, they would be off the air in no time.  This bozo though gets a complete pass for his vile hate of the right.  It is just one more example of the double standard.

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