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Rush Limbaugh to VP: “What is the Point of Voting Republican?”

Vice President Mike Pence is making the rounds this week in defense of a controversial budget deal that has angered many Trump supporters, to say nothing of conservative Republicans who see the deal as one more failure on the part of the congressional GOP. On Tuesday, Pence stopped by the Rush Limbaugh show, where the iconic right-wing host challenged the vice president to explain what, exactly, voters were supposed to be getting when they pulled the lever for Republican candidates.

“What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95 percent of their objectives, such as in this last budget deal?” Limbaugh asked.

Pence said that years of congressional immobilization had made it difficult for President Trump to get his agenda through, but that there were more bright spots to the budget than many critics were willing to admit.

“Look, you’ve had Washington, D.C., that has been paralyzed by gridlock and partisan infighting for many years, and in this new president you have someone who was able to bring people together and make a $21 billion increase in defense spending at a time of great challenge for America’s interests around the world,” Pence said.

Limbaugh said that it was tough to celebrate such a meager win in light of how much liberal crap the Democrats were able to stuff into the trillion-dollar deal.

“If I’m the Democrats, $21 billion, 15 billion for defense that was not originally authorized, that’s a small price to pay for continuing to fund refugee resettlement, continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, continuing to fund sanctuary cities, continuing to fund the EPA, and not build the wall,” Limbaugh said.

“The Democrats clearly think this is a big win, and they’re confident they can block Trump’s agenda after this spending bill for the rest of Trump’s term,” the conservative host continued. “There isn’t anything of the president’s agenda in this budget, and people are beginning to ask, when’s that gonna happen? If you’re gonna shut it down in September, why not now?”

Limbaugh, like many conservatives who voted for Trump, is beginning to wonder if the president’s promise to drain the swamp and actually go toe-to-toe with the Democrats was just so much hot air.

Voters who are abandoning Trump over this budget are perhaps jumping the gun – this is, after all, just a five-month extension and we are, after all, still in the opening days of the Trump presidency.

But when you take this budget deal in context with the Republican failure to pass healthcare legislation, you do have ample reason for concern. Hopefully, a big tax reform bill can ease some of those concerns, but after these two enormous legislative failures, we don’t blame anyone who is skeptical.

Me Here......Mr. Limbaugh asked a question we have all asked since the people returned control of the US House to the GOP in 2011 and did nothing to oppose the Democrats and Usurper Barry Soetoro. 

We asked that question again in 2013 when the people returned control of the US Senate to the GOP.  Again they folded to everything the Democrats and Usurper Barry Soetoro.

Now with President Trump the GOP is still doing little to help.  We get a few stale peanuts while the Democrats seem to have gained the peanut farm in the latest budget deal.  Planned Parenthood gets funding while the much needed wall got nothing.  It should be the other way around.

It is way past time for the GOP in the US House and Senate to get a spine and stand up for Trump and against the looney left that is the Democrat party.

We have the Democrats on the ropes today.  It is time to get together and get the big things done.  It is time for a knock out blow.  We again have a chance to turn this country around.  Don't blow it!

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