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This is NOT a new problem with ILLEGAL aliens. What has come to light has been policy for many, many years. Why is this now suddenly an issue? I think it is a major distraction to hide all of President Trump’s successes.

The left is still somewhere between extremely bitter to mentally deranged because President Trump defeated the former SoS Hillary Clinton. Hillary had the help of the Usurper Soetoro to infiltrate spies from the FBI into President Trump’s campaign. They created a fake case of Russian collusion to “explain” what must have happened for Trump to win.

Why did this long going problem suddenly surface now? Could it be to avoid covering all the good economic news and bad news about the FBI, the IG report on the FBI, and the illegal Hillary e-mails? I think there is a HUGE connection!

The left has tried a great many things to trash and destroy President Trump. They have tried everything from Russia to strippers. Nothing has worked. The economy is going great. Unemployment is at record lows. Negative press from the DNC mainstream press is at record highs. President Trump’s popularity is above all the recent prior Presidents at this time.

Since President Trump remains impossibly popular (that is inside the liberal bubble). The left is becoming even more desperate to destroy President Trump. It has become a quest. It is the only thing that could possible bring happiness to them.

The truth is they are only happy when everyone else is miserable!

Now to the left’s latest attempt. Crying babies. Crying Mommies. We are supposed to hate President Trump for following the law.

Coming over the border illegally has no age restriction. It is illegal whether you are 101 years or 1 month. The law is uniform in application. Age is not a consideration. Those that are suddenly having a hissy fit are many that have the power to change the law. Yet these same people are refusing. That is hypocrisy.

How many of the children are unaccompanied? How many are with adults they are not in any way related to? What is the proportion to those with family? We are not being fully told this. We must know this to understand the extent of the problem.

How many of the children are to become slaves to gangs including MS-13? That is a fate much worse than being separated from Mommy. Is anyone on the left is speaking about this? Only President Trump is trying to eradicate MS-13 and other gangs of illegal aliens. Lately the left has been cheering for these gangs.

There are other examples of children being separated from parents that are not being mentioned.

We separate parents from children all the time when a parent commits a crime and is sent to jail. This society has deemed necessary for the good of society.

We separate parents from children all the time in the military. It can happen when a parent enlists and goes to basic training. It can happen when a parent gets orders to a remote duty station. It can happen when a parent is ordered to go into combat. This is deemed necessary to defend freedom.

Another way we separate kids from parents is divorce. This has been known to cause some terrible fights in and out of court. So will those that want to keep illegal immigrant kids with parents step up and outlaw divorce? I am not going to hold my breath!

The last and most damning is abortion. This is a permanent separation of the child from the mother. Yet this separation is cheered by the left. It is a national disgrace. This is the most hypocritical position of the left. They care about illegals and murder unborn Americans.

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Comment by Karen Damvelt on June 21, 2018 at 6:38pm

Illegals have been coming in to the USA for a Number of Years. Some to escape the poverty They were facing--Others various Abuse from Family or Friends--Others still because There were Family members Already in the USA and the Children had to wait until being Older to Cross and Join (sponsership) just like When Immegrates came over from Europe and Other Locations before Ellis Island.

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