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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

So the GOP wins ... now what?

Those behind pushing the NWO agenda realized they had exceeded their ability to push the agenda any further without loosing their gains made under the obama usurpation. After investing all of the deceptive efforts and risks in keeping the American people under control, the level of detection of the fraud---in place since at least 1862---by more and more Americans---on a daily basis---led to more of a complete exposure, and potentially, a complete loss of all gains made to this point.

Fearing any further losses, the decision was made by the controllers in the CFR, 
to begin to switch sides in the illusion and make it appear the people were beginning to win some battles. Changing the tide against obama and the enemies, would begin to permit the Americans to breath easier and lower their guard.  Now the plan would be to  leave Americans with the impression they can relax a bit and let down their guard and begin to breath easier.

The Republicans are the same crooks as the Democrats.  They are both the same group of traitors that have been defrauding the American people since the early 1860s.  So before anyone is really dumb enough not to see what is going on, permit me to suggest how we the people can use these events to make some real progress—whether the crooks like it or not!


Before the Republicans get a chance to water down their promises and actions, we the people must energize our ranks to immediately begin to challenge them and begin to immediately hold their feet to the fire.


For a place from where to begin….Any member of Congress who fails to aggressively address these issues as required by oath of office must be considered complicit in these crimes.  
  • Benghazi - murder, treason
  • NDAA
  • Bundy Ranch Affair
  • Open war on religious freedom
  • Trading with the enemy act
  • Criminal acts of FDR
  • Criminal acts related to the Federal Reserve
  • Formenting global war in the name of the American people 
  • In the name of the American people, funding criminal elements on both sides of the issue of nation sovereignty across the world
  • Perpetuating fraud on the American people
  • Abuse of power
  • Right to life
  • 13th, 14th, 15th and the 16th Amendment frauds
  • Americans declared enemies of the state
  • obamacare
  • The defunct British owned corporation posing as the seat of the American people’s government
  • The state franchises which were unlawfully and deceptively inserted on top of the lawful state governments
  • The public servants position as lawful public servants
  • file treason charges against staff members who support treasonous acts by Congress, the administration, the state, the county and the municipalities
  • Charge and prosecute all impostor public servants
  • Rescind all unconstitutional statutes and laws back to at least 1862
  • Begin to file charges to prosecute all law makers violating their oaths and fiduciary responsibilities.

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