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Who's Next do you all think? I don't even want to guess. Some we love, some we hate. Don't matter what wrong's they may have done in their life, so lets all be civil and let those questions and accusations die with them. Specifically, Michael Jackson. Do not flame me for this, I will block you if you do. There is a time and a place, and just now is NOT the time, and my blogs are NOT the place. At least not for talking about things in reference to these deaths. Later, after some time passes, then we can approach those subjects. For now, I want you all who read this to stop what you're doing for a few mintues....and THINK.

(*Will either be 1 more by the "Rule of Three" or 4 more OR worse,,, always in integrals of 3, divisible by 3, multiples of three, square root always 3, or 1*)

David Carridine, (Mr. Kung Fu-72) Michael Jackson (We all know this one 50) Ed McMahon (The Tonight Show, Star Search-86), Farah Fawcett, (62--Charlie's Angels) Billy Mays (King of TV Infomercials 50-- Oxi-Clean, Orange Glow and SOO Many more. He was found dead early THIS SUNDAY morning by his wife. No signs of foul play or any kind of Break in. Autopsy should be finished by Monday. *Funny how this stuff works --- Funny as in ODD. Not Humorous lest anyone get the wrong idea.)

Our Country and our world is falling apart because we as a people, both American and otherwise, forgot what it meant to THINK. Humans have forgot what it means to be respectful, curtious, mindful, civil and we left out the bible along the way. And now, the Constitution is falling away as well. This is not because of every single American, as there are many who are fighting to keep and or restore our wonderful experiment called the USA. If you're like me, you're fighting. And I always did love a good fight, and a real challenge. All current political affairs in this country, believe it or not, is mostly due to us. All of Us. Who we vote for, and why we vote FOR those things. The underlying object in all of us that causes us to vote emotionally, rather than rationally, and makes us leap before we the ever eluding "American Dream." That dream has been killed and snuffed out for the most part. And what little of it remains will no longer be there before the first term of the Mobster-In-Chief is up.

Anyone got any thoughts on these deaths? Please keep your political replies to a minimum on this entry. Politics is NOT the focus here. That will come in a day or three.

Am I the only one who is seriously unnerved by the last events of two months or so? (Referring to the deaths, not the politics) By default I tend to think in bigger terms when approaching a subject of this nature. Doesn't have to always be about "death." But more just that so much is going on so fast. Our COUNTRY -- and the current state of affairs. And current world events and such, and then super stars are seemingly "dropping like flies." Seems now every time I get up to work on my book, someone else I know from TV has passed away.....Pardon me for asking this....but what the hell is going on? It is not just the idea of natural causes...there is a spiritual aspect here. Something is going on behind the scenes, and the presence of Darkness is all over these deaths. I myself by nature, am a bible-reading, "prayer warrior." (my Dad's nick name for me and some Christian friends I have world wide.) I have regular conversations with my Heavenly Father, and I do my best to live the life of Christ, but those who know me in real life knows what kind of time I have had these past 3 years. My divorce, lost my son, my job, vehicle, my two cats, and everything I owned -- 90% literal here.

I went through a rehab program because I had had a habit of liking weed a little too much. Rehab. For weed. (ALL People screw up, stutter, fall away, trip up, and over all just screw things up. First person to flame me on this aspect is either stupid, uninformed, uneducated --- or all the above. I was ordered by a judge to attend so I did....grudgingly. I did not lose what I listed because of Pot. My wife at the time smoked also. She just could not keep her legs closed. So, in retrospect I decided to move on. I am by no means saying anything about leaving my three year old behind. NOT gonna happen. But in order to care for him properly, I must care for me first. If I cannot afford to eat, ride a bus, or get a job -- how can I care for my son? There are Government programs and subsidies that help for this kind of thing....but I am a proud father, and I refuse to call upon the Government for help unless I have NO choice. Then I went back to school. WOW that was a mistake. Not for the reasons you might think. I had a political crossing with the entire Political Science dept, and most of them hated me as I was not, am not, and never will be an Obama supporter.

My thesis was on the last election. Picking up just before Hilary lost to Obama the gravy train to the White House, it went all the way until a month AFTER the election. It was bipartisan. And completely down the middle. As it stands I have some media contacts, and had some help in the editing and help with keeping it strictly BIPARTISAN. The end game was me saying I thought McCain would do better under the auspice of the two wars, and the fact that McCain had more leadership experience than in the entire Presidential campaign and the "then" future Cabinet and so on. Point in case, when I turned it was rejected ... all 3 times. Kept telling me to change this or that. What they meant was they wanted me to favor Obama as he "...was going to usher in the greatest, most bountiful, intelligent and generous Nation in the entire world. Under Obama The United States of America will once again not just be on top, but we will be on top with the other countries of the world. While we prop ourselves up all these years, we forgot to prop up the world at the same time...that is going to change finally!" This from a Prof I had. When I raised my hand in class, and was called on -- I asked him what kind of refer he was smoking, and that he should share it with the rest of us, so we could all be delusional, self-proclaimed Messiahs like the Mobster-in-Chief."

My schooling died two months later when they rejected my thesis and threw me out. Life sucks sometimes, but rather than me make lemonade with their lemons, I decided to instead plant a different type of seed. A Seed called Faith, life, love, purpose, trust, and obedience to God.


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