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The Rules - Social Conservatism, by Bill Turner

The following is an excerpt from a Column by Bill Turner in today's The Cypress Times.

The GOP party platform (by the way, where are the GOP folks who represent this platform? I want them in office), has many sections, but the core values, the ideas and values that make the GOP what it is, are based on our Judeo-Christian foundation, as Americans. The main stream media (MSM) attacks social conservatives at every turn and uses every weakness shown by a GOP politician as a way to drive a wedge between the two factions of the party, conservatives and rino’s. Social values are where the GOP must make a stand.

We must preserve the values of America and the GOP, for they are based upon the values our great country was founded on: For the Rest of the Column click HERE

See: The Rules, Written, by Bill Turner

The Cypress Times is a daily, Christian-based, politically conservative online newspaper with readers in all 50 U.S. States, and 85 foreign countries.

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