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Last week, your office was served with the above documents, and I would like to know what you plan to do about it.

Through your own negligence and partisanship, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, all of you failed to properly vet then-Senator Obama to ascertain his qualifications for president per the U.S. Constitution.

The definition of "natural born citizen" is "born in the country of two parents who are citizens" (Emmerich de Vattel, "The Law of Nations"). This is the definition upon which the founders relied when they inserted the "natural born" requirement in Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of the Constitution. You don't know where Obama was born, and by his own admission he was born a dual citizen of Great Britain. This is not what the founders had in mind for the President of the United States.

Despite millions of citizens demanding proof of Obama's eligibility in the wake of an abundance of evidence to the contrary, you thought you knew better and approved the electoral vote. It is now obvious that you failed to uphold your respective oaths to the Constitution and the constituents you supposedly serve.

At this point, the whole country knows that Obama is a fraud. Multiple news services are uncovering his lies and deception. It has been found that almost everything he has ever said about his background is false, as he has named two hospitals in Hawaii where he was supposedly born. When asked, his press secretary "can't recall the exact name" of his birthplace. This is absolutely preposterous. Check for daily updates.

Now is the time for you to stand up, demand that Obama release his birth certificate; school records; college records, including those relating to any financial aid he received; adoption papers, and naturalization record, if any.

There will be no "business as usual" in Washington until this constitutional crisis is resolved. It is time for all of you to either resign because of your incompetence and unwillingness to do what is right, or step forward, admit your negligence, and have the Judiciary Committee in each chamber issue a subpoena for Obama's records to either prove or disprove his eligibility for the highest office in the land.

Attorney Orly Taitz has served all of you with massive dossiers detailing Obama's ineligibility and possible other crimes of deception. She is currently doing radio interviews with stations all over the world, including Russia and Israel ( Because of your continued inaction, you are the laughingstock of the world, including those who would do us harm. While the rest of the world knows we have a fraud in office pretending to be the president, you pretend that you have "more important things to attend to." What could be more important than finding out whether or not the person in the White House is constitutionally qualified? Because if he isn't, everything you're working on means nothing. If he's disqualified, everything he has signed and everyone he has appointed will be nullified. So you better get to work.

Congress is the main defendant in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Camden, NJ by Attorney Mario Apuzzo. Another lawsuit just filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, Swensson vs. Soetoro, charges Obama with document fraud for posting a fake "birth certificate" on his website. If they didn't have proof, they wouldn't have filed the lawsuit.

You can remain part of the problem and be brought up on charges of aiding and abetting a domestic enemy, or you can become part of the solution. It's up to you.

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