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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with the " Silent Assent " of the masses including this site . That is your consent and because of this consent we lose . I know most here are middle aged from the messages I read , and if anyone has a right to say something it should be us .

I'm almost certain no one will take up the fight except for posting . So many call themselves "Patriots" but are you ? Calling yourself a "Patriot" brings with it a responsibility to actually do something , to get off your butt as uncomfortable as it is for some , to make a difference . If you do not , don't call yourself a "Patriot" !

How many times have you heard " what did you do in the war daddy" ? Well lets shift this to "what did you do when our Country desperately needed you" ? If you say I tried , what was it that you tried ? If it didn't work what was it that didn't work and did you give up to let someone else do your lifting ? I will never let someone else do my lifting for me but I will except help when needed . That's teamwork and it works .

If you know someone that knows the Constitution and the Bill of Rights certainly they know the Federalist Papers and how Common Law or Gods Law formed this Country . Most of us have some grasp of these documents so " USE THEM" . The Law is the only way we can fight the injustice's we face . Form a County Assembly .

It is up to "me" to change America . I want everyone to say the same thing but the "lifting thing" is very easy once you have others to help you .

If you don't know of others with a Command of these Scripts then advertise in your newspaper and guaranteed you'll find someone . Follow our websites like other states and Counties are doing and even other Countries .

You have no idea of the Power you can then have ! ! ! ! ! and     We cannot trust others to do our work for us . We cannot trust the 912'ers or the Tea Parties to do our work for us as they have no idea how Government works and will not listen .

I wrote this to see if only one person will take up the Challenge of taking our Country back . Will you take up a Patriots challenge ?

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Comment by Dennis Bartlett on October 5, 2011 at 12:29am

Chalice , As I see it by the response no one will try to do something out of their comfort zone . I'm not trying to be self righteous but this is exactly why I wrote this particular Blog .

How much time must we take to change the Country back to what it was a hundred years back ? As long as it takes !

Chalice , I'm not discounting what you do because many things are talked about but talking is just that . It doesn't evolve into something for most .

We all have time to talk but very few want to take it a bit further and in our case it means actually doing something to change Government .

In our case it means about 3 hours a month for most of us ! We now have commissioners , a Sheriff and two State Reps. attending our meetings and have had 58 different Countries visit our websites and all 50 States .

There are several different Counties using our websites to form their own and I'm in conference with two women in the UK that are forming theirs . The Magna Carta is their avenue to freedom as our Constitution is for us .

I guess it is a "where the rubber meets the road" type of thing and we cannot sit by and have others do our work for us .

Maj.General Paul Vallely is one that is doing our lifting for us if you have visited his site . He should have a following of millions because it involves us . He has a large group behind him but when people kept saying that we need a leader they sat on their behinds and did nothing and still do .

I'm personally disappointed by the inaction of the people to do something when it costs so little and the rewards so great .

When people understand the power of the County by "LAW" it changes things . No one else has the power to tell the Feds to get lost or your State ! Unless it is Constitutional it is our duty to resist and your Sheriff has that power . No one else !


Comment by Chalice on October 2, 2011 at 11:50pm

I believe many of us are fighting for our country and doing so in whatever way we are best equipped to do so.

For me personally, it is with Patriot's Heart, SomeoneDiedForMeToday and Defend the Vote.

Thanks for your post, Dennis :-)

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