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Trump and Hawaii

By SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

We have two news stories that really stirred up the news. We have President Trump being accused of using a very minor bad language and the fake news of a missile launch headed towards Hawaii.
The language that President Trump may have used is in reality both no big deal and right on. The left has for the last year used much worse and in a hugely greater quantity to deride President Trump and his supporters. This is celebrities, politicians, and the public. All have used far, far worse language. But has any faced any real blow back for this? Not with the Democrat Party mass media. These foul mouthed people are not condemned, but applauded. These foul mouthed people are turned into heroes.
But President Trump might have said one very minor word, and these same foul mouthed people go nuts!
Those of us that back President Trump have been called Deplorable, Homophobic, Bigots, Racists, Xenophobic, Gun Lovers, Bible Thumpers, Nazis, Fascists, and many more plus all the traditional cuss words. But there is no penalty to those calling us these names.
That is a double standard in conduct if I have ever seen it!
Now we go to the fake news of a missile tracking to Hawaii. I served in that Air Force at Strategic Air Command bases when I was in the Air Force. Normally at least twice a week, the base klaxon would sound. The bomber and tanker crews would run to their planes and start all engines. Upon decoding the radio message, the crew would learn if this was just another exercise, or OH MY GOD! The rest of on base didn’t get this message. We would just have to assume this was just another exercise. If it had been real, after the planes took off, we would, maybe, be told to report to our fallout shelters.
All of us on base were living in the 10 ring of the nuclear bullseye. We all knew that we were a prime target. If it was real, the base would be nuked. Survival was extremely minimal at very best. There were very few places that could survive the blast, heat, and radiation of the detonation. That included many of the shelters. At one base, my shelter was the basement of the Officer’s Club. With the short warning time we had, I doubt I would have had time to even get a buzz before the big bang. The only real hope was the bomb was either a dud or badly missed. Neither was at all likely.
What happened in Hawaii was stupid and should never have happened. There is something seriously wrong with their system. A real message should never even during an exercise take more than a single keystroke to be sent. It should be treated much more like SAC treated the use of nuclear weapons. No one person, one act could arm a bomb on a bomber or launch an ICBM. It took multiple people to validate the order and take positive action at the same time. It is obvious that this is not what happened in Hawaii.
What is even more stupid, President Trump is being blamed for this. How is that possible? President Trump had zip, zero, nadda to do with this LOCAL exercise. Those blaming President Trump need to get real. Is this just a reflex or a sign of Trump Derangement Syndrome? These people are as flawed as the procedure in Hawaii.
Just one person hitting one key on a keyboard is a sign of an extremely flawed procedure. Hawaii, it is time to greatly improve your procedure, NOW!

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