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Trump Team Asks for Identities of DOE Employees Working on Climate Change

Progressives who worship at the altar of environmentalism are growing increasingly worried that President-elect Donald Trump, a known climate change skeptic, may undo much of the work they have done over the past eight years to advance their green agenda at the expense of the American economy.

Perhaps adding fuel to those fears was a questionnaire circulated within the Department of Energy by Trump’s transition team, as reported recently by The New York Times.

The 74-point questionnaire, which can be viewed right here, seemed to indicate a significant shift in policy direction and a shrinking of the agency, with more of a focus on nuclear energy and a move toward the commercialization and privatization of scientific research efforts in the energy field.

Enviro-statists who have hitched themselves to the “man-made climate change” wagon are especially concerned, as the questionnaire requests the names of employees and contractors who have taken part in international climate change policy conferences and discussions, as well as the documents and emails associated with those discussions.

Though it is not at all unusual for an incoming administration to query particular departments and agencies about the current policies in place, it is somewhat atypical to seek the identification of specific employees or contractors working on particular issues, which some believe could signal that something of a purge of the department of devoted climate change activist believers may be forthcoming.

“A lot of these questions make perfect sense,” said Jonathan Levy, former deputy chief of staff of the DOE under President Obama. “They have to get their heads around what responsibilities they will have and don’t have. The thing that’s unsettling are the questions that appear to be targeting personnel for doing public service.”

It remained unclear at this time exactly how the DOE responded to the questionnaire, or if other departments and agencies had received similar queries.

Regardless, this certainly looks like a first step toward draining the swamp, at least when it comes to energy production and the climate change adherents in Washington, D.C., who stand in the way of such a vital necessity.

Me Here......Doing public service is not destroying our economy by promoting the lie of Man-made global warming.  Man-made whatever is a myth.  It is a complete waste of time and money.  It is time we get real with our energy policies.

What is so badly needed is to harden our electric grid against electro-magnetic pulses.  These can come from either high altitude nuclear bomb detonations or from the Sun.  While diplomatically and with defense, we can do our best to prevent such a nuclear attack, we can never control the Sun.

So hardening our power grid is a real problem.  This must be addressed.

I have known about this problem since shortly after I enlisted in the Air Force in 1971.  So this is not a new problem.  But little if anything has been done to fix it.  We are so vulnerable to either event.

Either can not only knock out the electric grid, but can destroy most electronic devices.  This included your cell/smart phone, computers, computer games, TVs, radios, the computers in your car, and more.

Now if you have a 40 year old car, a tube radio, or TV those should still work just fine!

We also need to find a way to harden our electronics we have come to depend on.

So much needs to be done.  Who knows if we have the time to do it!

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