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Unwinding The Fabric of America, by Columnist Bill Turner

Columnist Bill Turner of The Cypress Times delves into the affects that the hippie and free love culture of the 1960's is now having on our country and how this radical school of thought continues to be preached and taught at University, and how it is influencing a generation of Americans allowing candidates like Barack Obama to win elections. -

How did we get to this point in America? What happened that allowed for the fabric of America to become so thin? Where did all the leaders go? We got here by allowing the media to begin to distort the truth in the 1960’s and allowing them to continue that distortion for the past four decades. We have allowed the media to glorify the 1960’s to this day. And, we have allowed the potential leaders of our nation to be swept away by the tide of progressivism in our schools and systems of higher education.

The aging hippies and radicals of the sixties have found a way to fondly reminisce about that era, and due to either age, time, drugs, the media or all of the above, distort the events of that time into what they perceive as a magical time of change. The haze of these memories has only become more colorful over time and the glorification of the sixties by the media has contributed to a self satisfaction among those of that time, as having created a wonderful era. It is more accurate that they created a wonderful error that has manifested itself in the form of Progressivism again in America. These are the same radicals who were university intellectuals, political elite and the street thugs they manipulated to unwind the fabric of America.

The sixties that is embedded in American lore and taught in American schools is a far cry from the reality of the day. Read the rest of the Column HERE

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