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The VA Medical is supposed to be a treasured reward for active duty service of our military.  This is supposed to be nearly free care.


Now I see the VA is being ABUSED to disarm our Veterans.  We don't know the standards that the VA is basing their descisions on. 


Veterans are some of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to weapons.  Weapons are the tools of our trade.  Without our weapons, we are just targets for the bad guys.  So our weapons is what makes us Marines, Soldiers, Airman, Sailors, and Coast Guardsman.


We know weapons inside and out that are not available to the average citizen.  We must to do our jobs.


Now today, the Usurper is doing all he can to disarm us throught the VA Medical System.  This will cause Veterans to distrust the VA and not use this system they have earned.  It is a way to take away this benifit we all have earned.


We need to have this changed NOW!  Our Veterans are to be HONORED not Disarmed!!!



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Comment by Chalice on February 24, 2013 at 11:51am

I agree with you this is serious.  Once they disarm the Vet's they will work on the rest of America.  If you take a sleeping pill are you safe to have a gun?

The right to own guns is not conditional, not even based on the vast majority of mental health conditions.

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