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War Room: Rachel Maddow Is Worried about what AZ Election Audit will Find — She Knows Georgia Is Next (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft

[edited to correct titles]

MSNBC “editor” Rachel Maddow spent several minuted again on Friday night nervously warning her audience about the forensic audit taking place in Arizona. Maddow is already moving on to try to deligitimize the auditors as fringe activists and conspriracy theorists. She knows and top Democrats know if this audit proceeds they will be found out.

THIEF biden did not win Arizona and did not win the presidency. They know this. And they know what the auditors will find.

You must understand how panicked they are. This forensic audit TERRIFIES the left!

On Saturday morning Steve Bannon added that Rachel is especially nervous because she knows Georgia is next!

This is it.
It’s happening.
God hear our prayers for truth. Shine your light on this process.

War Room: Rachel Maddow Is Worried about what AZ Election Audit wil...

Me Here...I knew this was going to happen.

The Democrats have been so obvious that they stole the election.  Just look at how panicked they are at any challenge to the 2020 election theft.  The Democrats might as well rent half of the billboards in the country and brag they stole the election from President Trump.

I hope after Georgia comes Michigan, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

The great question will be once it is shown that President Trump won the 2020 election, how hard will it be to drag THIEF biden out of the White House?

What temper tantrum will the Democrats throw?  

Once President Trump is back in the White House, he must appoint a special prosecutor to bring charges against all involved.  If so, it will be interesting how many Democrats in office are involved?  Maybe that will clean out the House and Senate for good measure!

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