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I did some checking today with my Township Clerk.  She told me that there are many ways ballots could be uncountable.

After the voting ends, the ballots are counted for number of ballots.  This is cross checked with the ballot total in the machine.  The ballots are then boxed and sealed with a special seal.  Three designated people must initial on the box and the paperwork.  The seal number is written on the paperwork.  If any initials are missing or the seal number is miscopied, this will spoil the ballots for a recount.  That is Michigan law.

Michigan uses electronic scanning machines to count the votes.  Sometimes when a person tries to insert a ballot into the scanner, the machine will for some reason "spit" the ballot back.  An election official is supposed to immediately check the back of the machine to see if the ballot was counted or not.  If is wasn't counted, the ballot is to be reinserted into the machine for counting.  If the ballot was counted, it is to be placed into the bin with the other ballots.  If this is not done, ballots can be either not counted or double counted.  This is pure human error.

I have contacted my State Senator to ask if the Secretary of State and Attorney General if they are going to investigate.  This should be done as the large number of precincts that are unrecountable.  If it was simple human error, then more training is needed.  If the problem is more severe, more investigation is needed to see if criminal charges are warranted.  If Charges are warranted the people involved must be prosecuted.

As a voter in Michigan, I don't want my vote diluted do to any improper voting.  It doesn't matter to me whether it is illegals illegally voting or voting fraud like ballot stuffing.  This is something every voter in both parties and elected officials of both parties should back.

The result in Michigan was razor thin.  We have about 4,800 Precincts.  The margin was a bit over 10,000 votes.  So if in each precinct two more voters voted for Clinton and one less for Trump, Hillary Clinton would have won Michigan.  Looking at the results that way, it is a must to insure a fair election that all the proper procedures must be followed 100% of the time. 

Hillary could have won if just two ballots in each precinct were double counted and one ballot for Trump was "spit" out and not reinserted properly.  So just three simple mistakes done 4,800 times and the result is changed.

Accuracy can't be just a goal, it is a mandatory result.

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