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We have spoken about the approximately 60% of Detroit precincts that could not be recounted because of differences between their poll books and the machine count.  Well the Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is concerned enough to call for an audit according to the Detroit News. 

Michigan’s Elections Director Chris Thomas was quoted in the article stating:

We’re assuming there were (human) errors, and we will have discussions with Detroit election officials and staff in addition to reviewing the ballots

Human error!  That much human error Mr. Thomas, well if that is the case we have a real problem in our selection process for people to work the elections.  Interesting that the precincts with the highest rate of errors seem to come mostly from areas that voted extremely heavily for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.  Just a coincidence or is it that these are the largest voting blocks?

One precinct in Detroit only had 50 of the 306 ballots listed in their poll book.  Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams said Detroit City officials told state officials that ballots in that particular Detroit precinct were never taken out of a locked box below the voting machine tabulator on Election Day.  Really if that is so then how did they ever reconcile the count?  Or are ballots not reconciled to the machine count and they only reconcile the poll book to the machine count.

I am encouraged to see that Michigan will pursue these tremendous amount of inaccuracies and hopefully get down to the reason why.  People from all ideologues should be concerned about the integrity of the vote, once we lose that we will truly lose our great form of government that was set up by our brilliant founding fathers.

So let us wait in anticipation and hope that Michigan will have a full and transparent review of the last election and determine what the heck went so badly wrong.

I wonder though how elections these “irregularities” been going on and to what extent did it sway a vote.  I am not contending that it would sway a presidential or state wide vote but it certainly can sway a local position vote and the vote totals for a presidential or state wide vote.

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Me Here.....This is a must!  For every vote to count, elections must be done by the book so there is no cheating by any side.

There is a possibility that criminal charges could result.  If that is the case, the Attorney General must do it.

I would say that as a minimum, people should be fired.

The Secretary of State also should put people in these precincts so the law is followed for the next election.

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