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Joe Biden lying about the AR-15 -

This video is really funny! We need more like it. Send it to your favorite Lib!

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Comment by Chalice on February 27, 2013 at 8:44am

I am telling ya, this video sold me on getting the AR-15 :-)

Now where can I get one in Illinois? 

Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on February 27, 2013 at 12:10am

That is FUNNY!!!!  I think the VP needs to get out to a range and shoot both with FOX News cameras running live on the air.  If he was to fire both barrels of a double barrel 12 guage shotgun together, I'll bet he will on his backside!!!!


I have fired the military M-16A-2 both in Semi and Burst.  Semi is easy.  There is very little kick.  Burst puts out three rounds right now!!!  Now it kicks like a 12 guage as you have no time to recover from each recoil.  It is still fun!!!!  I would tell my Soldiers that if you must fire in Burst, aim lower.  Forget center mass of the target.  The barrel will rise with each round.  The second and third may go over the top of the target.  That is a waste.  I told them to aim for the crotch with the first round.  You have a better chance for a hit with the second and possibly third round.  But if only the first round hits and you are on target and the target is a man (most likely in Afghanistan) he is out of the fight.  You know where his hands and mind is going!!!!


For the AR-15, since you don't have burst, aim center mass.  For close range shooting with either the M-16 or AR-15, forget the front peep site.  Set it to the "V" middle position.  Now all you do is look over the top of the peep site, line the post with the target and "throw lead".  This works up to about 60 feet with practice.  This also allows you to see more than just the target.  You don't get "tunnel vision" from looking through the peep site.  In close moving shooting, you have a better picture of all that is happening around you.


This is from a Markmanship NCO for my Guard Company.  That was fun extra duty!!!  I sure as heck hope none who read this ever has to use this outside of a shooting range.  It does work.

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