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VERY Good Judge Named To Handle Flynn Sentencing! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Dick explains
“That is very good news,” says Morris, pointing out that although he was appointed by Bill Clinton, he’s been a force in the judiciary for fairness and objectivity. Morris says, “He was incredible when there was an attempt made to frame Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) and convict him of a crime.”

Judge Sullivan at the time labeled it “the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct he had ever seen.” Morris says, “The prosecutorial misconduct rose to such a level that Judge Sullivan appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Justice Department and demoted and fired a whole bunch of people there who were involved in the shenanigans that led to the Stevens conviction.”

Morris says, “I think it’s entirely possible that this guy is going to grab hold of this case and probe deeply into the dossier, into the FISA warrant, into the conversations between Flynn and Strzok.” He, despite his mispronunciation of Strzok’s name, says he thinks “we may have another John Sirica on our hands.”

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